Arrival in St.Pölten

Arrive in St. Pölten and feel at home.

There are many ways to get to St.Pölten! Learn more about distances and exact information on route selection here.

By public transport:
Route planner Verkehrsverbund OST-Region

Westbahn route (via Salzburg or via Vienna to St.Pölten)
Travel times:
Vienna-St.Pölten: 0:25 hrs.
Linz-St.Pölten: 1 hr.
Salzburg-St.Pölten: 2:10 hrs.
Passau-St.Pölten: 2:10 hrs.
Munich-St.Pölten: 3:45 hrs.
Timetable of the Austrian Federal Railways: ÖBB Reiseportal

By car
From Salzburg and Vienna: A1 Westautobahn
From Vienna/Schwechat Airport: A4 East Highway - S1 Vienna Outer Ring Expressway - A21 Outer Ring Highway - A1
From direction Passau, Regensburg: A8 Innkreisautobahn - A1
From Switzerland: Arlbergtunnel- A12 Inntalautobahn - Innsbruck, Salzburg - A1
From Italy, Slovenia:

Option 1: A2 Südautobahn (via Villach and Graz to Vienna)- A1 ( or A2 - A21Außenringautobahn - A1)
Variant 2: via Brenner Pass to Innsbruck, Salzburg-A1

By plane

  • via Vienna/Schwechat airport (distance approx. 90 km)

Flight schedules of the Vienna/Schwechat airport:
From 6.33 to 22.03 every 30 minutes by train from the airport to St. Pölten.

  • via Linz/Hörsching airport (distance approx. 130 km)

Flight schedules of the airport Linz-Hörsching:

By bus 
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