On the paths of St. Pölten´s nature

Experience St. Pölten’s natural surroundings in full glory. Our guided nature tours are the best opportunity!

Making green even greener, our nature tours will lead you to the most beautiful spots of the city—natural spectacles and insider knowledge. Here you will see European white elms, pyramidal orchids, helleborines & many other natural treasures in their most pristine beauty.

To the middle of nowhere, where medicinal herbs bloom at the wayside and black and red berries are waiting for hungry strollers, is where the guided nature tours of the city will lead you and your well-versed companions. Nature lovers and peace seekers will have a good time alongside hobby ornithologists and aspiring herbalists.

Accompany us-completely natural

Whether in the urban woodland or Ratzersdorf’s Traisen lowlands, wild-herbs in autumn or sun-herbs for the soul, young or young at heart: Accompany us on our tour through the most beautiful green oases of the city. Choose your preferred topic and date and sign up in the tourist office St. Pölten. You are already welcome.