Shopping in St. Pölten

It’s shopping time! The various stores in the city centre and the suburban malls certainly have something for everyone.

Mere steps from the central train station, you'll find the second-oldest pedestrian zone in Austria: 'Kremsergasse.' It's a hub of famous fashion brands, hat shops, cozy cafes, medical clinics, bakeries, bookstores, and so much more. The lively mix of businesses and labels transforms shopping in the city center into a unique experience.

Just a stone's throw away from Kremsergasse, you can swing by Cathedral Square ('Domplatz'), hosting a farmer's market every Thursday and Saturday. Here, you can taste local specialties, buy fresh produce, and plenty more.

And if you're in the mood for more shopping, the city's malls have got you covered. 'City Shopping Promenade' stands out as the only mall in St.Pölten's city center with parking. If you're after a spot where you can explore a variety of shops or labels under one roof, check out shopping centers like 'Traisenpark,' 'Billa Plus' South Centre, or the 'City Super Centre.'

Here's a tip: On weekends, check out a local flea market. The fantastic atmosphere, a blend of oddities and treasures, knick-knacks, and high-quality goodies, invites you to browse and make some exciting discoveries!"

Shopping in St.Pölten

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