Sun Park (Sonnenpark) St. Pölten

The park of diversity. Offers a wide range of activities for all visitors.

Located in the south, Sonnenpark is a self-managed, participatory place managed and supervised by the Sonnenpark and LAMES associations

Developed on an old industrial site, Sonnenpark today presents itself as a natural and cultural park with a small-scale mosaic of diverse habitat types. In a sparsely built-up residential area, it offers space for nature-oriented, interdisciplinary and non-commercial art and cultural events

The most important at a glance

  • Accessibility: approx. 3km from the main station
  • LUP: Lines 1,5,8 "Schaighof" & 7 "Franz-Peer-Siedlung".
  • Bike: Traisental bike path to Landsbergerstraße or city bike paths to Spratzerner Kirchenweg 81-83
  • Car: parking facilities available
  • Activities: observe animals, get to know plants, picnics, pick-me stations, reading (public bookcase), gardening in the community gardens
  • Special features: Workshops, symposiums, arts and culture, climate research lab.