Tangente St. Pölten 2024

Festival for Contemporary Culture!

Tangente St. Pölten - Festival for Contemporary Culture.

The St. Pölten Festival for Contemporary Culture showcases visual arts, theater, performances, music, literature, as well as science and discourse formats from April 30 to October 6, 2024. Emphasizing contemporary themes such as ecology, memory, and democracy, the festival spans the entire area of the Lower Austrian capital. The festival center, special venues, new infrastructure projects, and existing cultural and educational institutions in St. Pölten will host both national and international projects.

Prominent cultural institutions under NÖKU - Festspielhaus, Bühne im Hof, Landestheater Niederösterreich - will serve as venues for Tangente St. Pölten productions starting April 30. The Bühne im Hof also plays a role in the festival center, uniting local initiatives, the independent scene, and international artists as a central meeting point for the entire city.

Introducing the stp Museumscard for the first time, Tangente St. Pölten enhances the appeal of visiting museums and exhibition venues in St. Pölten. This single card provides access to the St. Pölten City Museum, Museum am Dom, the former synagogue, the Children's Art Laboratory, and the Museum of Lower Austria.

With a focus on the history of the people and their city, Tangente St. Pölten's city projects employ innovative formats that integrate artistic practice, participation, and mediation. These initiatives have already engaged diverse population groups prior to 2024.

A notable feature of the festival is a large-scale art trail featuring installations and objects in public spaces along the waters of St. Pölten. This trail guides visitors through the entire city area.

Tangente St. Pölten has a dual impact - inwardly aiming to engage the local and regional society comprehensively and outwardly attracting an international and artistically discerning audience interested in art and culture. 

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