The Traisen - artery of St. Pölten

A river running straight through the city means freedom of movement at any time of the year

The Traisen has its source with two source rivers in the Traisental and flows into the Danube. On both sides of the Traisendamm you can discover the nature of the preserved floodplain landscape or go on the jogging and cycling routes. The terrain is also very suitable for roller skating and walking.

The most important at a glance

  • Accessibility: shortest distance from main station under 1km
    • LUP: lines 2 & 9 "Landhaus Süd", line 3 "Traisenpromenade".
    • Bike: from the main station along the park promenade and via Klostergasse. On the Traisendämmen are the Traisental bike path and the running tracks 1&2
  • Popular activities: walking, running, walking, cycling
  • Special features: 9 bridges, 5 footbridges, 3 fish migration aids, experimental stretch near Pottenbrunn for meeting the goals of the NGP (National Water Management Plan)