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Tableware Museum Wilhelmsburg


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Wilhelmsburg crockery museum, Wilhelmsburg stoneware show depot and workshop with show production

The Wilhelmsburg Tableware Museum is dedicated to an important topic in Austria's industrial history: the well-known production of Lilien porcelain and Wilhelmsburg stoneware. The history of this crockery, as well as extensive collections, are brought closer to visitors in the crockery museum and stoneware display depot, which are housed in the former factory premises. The highlight for the guests is the original pastel-colored kitchen from the 1950s, which harmonises particularly well with the most well-known form "Daisy" decor "Melange".

The newly created workroom breathes fresh ceramic air into the historic premises.

Opening hours show depot and workshop with show production: by appointment

  • Can be reached with public transportation

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