Brunnenfeld Süd - the orchid land

175 plant species make all nature lovers rave

The former fountain field is located between the B20 and the Völtendorfer Berg in the so-called Steinfeld. For decades, the former well protection area was not fertilized and bush encroachment was prevented by annual, one-off mowing. As a result, valuable semi-arid grasslands with animal and plant species that would otherwise have become rare could develop. Here, among other things, the sword-bladed forest bird, a native type of orchid and the crested milkwort bloom.
A comprehensive bird fauna and a good 20 types of grasshoppers are interesting for young and old to discover.

Accessibility: approx. 4,5km from the main station

  • LUP: Line 5 "Freiligrathstraße" and further on foot to the south
  • Bike: Traisental cycle path to the west further on the Pielachtal connection via the new bridge over B20
  • Car: parking lot southeast of the walking & biking path