Mary Ward-pilgrim path

The Mary Ward pilgrim path (Maria Ward Pilgerweg), leads directly from St. Pölten to the Lilienhof nunnery in nearby Stattersdorf

Guided tours are available, prior bookings are required.

In honour of their foundress Mary Ward, a short pilgrim´s path inside the nunnery Lilienhof was decorated with nine ornate information pillars.  Seven stations, featuring quotes by Mary Ward and additional prayers, offer moments of reflection.

Lilienhof, founded in the 11th century, was likely named Zillinghof due to its history as a harbor for small boats ("Zillen") on the right bank of theTraisen River. During that period, the building was owned by the St. Pölten Chorherrenstift (Augustinian Chorherr monastery). Later, it changed hands multiple times, eventually being sold by Provost Christoph Müller von Frankenstein. In 1755, the order of the Englische Fräulein acquired the monastery, and it has remained under their ownership since. Situated in the Stattersdorf neighborhood of St.Pölten, Lilienhof stands as the second settlement of the Congregatio Jesu order.

On the way with Jesus

Original pieces of clothing of Mary Ward were partly used as inspiration for the symbols shown on the signposts: her hiking-stick, shoes, watch, hat, cross, rosary and a monogram of Jesus.  These symbols are intended to evoke the life and spirituality of the Congregatio Jesu's foundress as you explore the Lilienhof nunnery.