Pielachtal pilgrimage trail - St. Pölten to Mariazell

A Pilgrimage on foot, by train or both!

Pilgrimage trail from the Cathedral in St. Pölten to Mariazell

One of the most scenic and spiritually inspiring pilgrimage routes leads from the heart of St. Pölten through the Pielach Valley to Mariazell, the most important pilgrimage site in Central Europe.

Beauties along the way

Your journey will take you past numerous sacred buildings from the Lourdes Church in St.Pölten, the Lourdes Forest Chapel near Weinburg, the baptismal church of Cardinal Franz König in Rabenstein, the towerless St. Andrew's Church in Kirchberg, the Wooden Church in Schwarzenbach/ Pielach and finally ending at the world-famous basilica in Mariazell. 

The proximity to the Mariazell railroad, with which sections of the pilgrimage trail can be conveniently shortened, helps to make the journey even more enjoyable.

This is how the Pielach Valley Pilgrimage Trail runs

The 90-kilometer long path is well-signposted and was renewed a few years ago. It is divided into three- to four-day stages from St. Pölten through the Pielach Valley to the Mariazell Basilica. The first part it is an easy to walk, only becoming somewhat steeper in the last third from Schwarzenbach. At Annaberg it converges with the Via Sacra coming from Vienna.

Brochures and maps are available free of charge at the tourist information office.

Facts about the tour:

  • difficulty: moderate
  • route: 80,08 km
  • ascent: 2204 meters in height
  • descent: 1567 meters in height
  • duration: 23:20 h
  • lowest point: 267 m
  • highest point: 1066 m


  • whole tour or tour in stages
  • rest stop (food and accommodation)
  • cultural/historical highlights
  • secret tip

Details for Pielachtal pilgrimage trail

Short description:

St. Pölten – Ebersdorf – Ober-Grafendorf – Weinburg – Hofstetten-Grünau – Mainburg – Rabenstein an der Pielach – Kirchberg an der Pielach – Dobersnigg – Loich – Schwarzenbach an der Pielach – Annaberg – Fadental – Walster – Mariazell

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