Running & Walking in St. Pölten

You don’t have to go far. Running and walking trails, 23 to be exact, are literally around the corner in St. Pölten and appealing to all levels of enthusiasts.

So lace up your running shoes and spice up the routine of daily life!

23+1 = Pure Fitness

Sports enthusiasts are in for a treat with a selection of 23 distinct running trails and one marathon trail to choose from. In addition to the popular riverside trails, it is also possible to run or walk within the city itself. The city forest, located west of the downtown area, is an ideal location for brisk walks and even features a dedicated fitness course. This diverse running landscape invites exploration at your own pace. 

St. Pölten caters to individuals of all ages and fitness levels, accommodating both recreational and professional athletes. The renowned Ironman competition, held each May, attracts national and international participants, transforming the entire city into a hive of activity. Perhaps you'll consider being part of this vibrant experience next year.

A brochure with all trails is available at the tourism information office in St. Pölten

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